The Benefits Of Laughter

When is the last time you got a good chuckle after seeing or reading something funny? In many cases, laughter is the best medicine!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the bad news of the world. We’ve never had so much access to information and news sites like we do today. This, on top of everything else we each deal with in our own lives, can really dampen our moods.

Try turning off the news channel for a couple days. Replace that with a good movie you enjoy, a few episodes of a sitcom or other funny shows, or just spend some time tending to a couple flower pots, preferably outside if the weather permits.

If you enjoy reading the paper, try flipping over to the funnies for a change – take in some comics and find the humor! Or if you enjoy reading, pick up a good work of fiction you can dive into and let your mind wonder around a made-up place.

Laughing is known to elevate your mood and has a powerfully positive effect on your body and overall well-being. Lighten up your mood first, then encourage others to do the same. You’ll find it’s more rewarding than being dragged into the dumps by news or world events you can’t control anyway.

Take a load off today – choose happiness, seek it out, and experience a good, healthy laugh!

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