Have You Taken A Walk Today?

Walking is just plain good for the body! Many studies agree that even a modest amount of light exercise every day is enough to promote healthy hearts and lungs! There are many benefits to walking. Here are a few:

- Walking can help keep your muscles toned. It feels good to have some endurance to last

the day. Drink plenty of water, stretch a little before and after, and you’ll feel like new

after a nice walk, especially when the weather is nice!

- Walking may help keep your lungs healthy and strong.

- Cardiovascular exercise helps keep veins and arteries healthy and keep the blood

flowing throughout the body, meaning life-giving oxygen reaches all parts of the body.

- Getting your body to move helps elevate your mood. Maintain positive mindset, healthy

perspective, and avoid the emotional dumps by taking a nice walk. The fresh air,

exercise, scenery, or the chance to make a new friend or acquaintance along the way all

help contribute to maintaining a good mood.

Consult your physician before starting an exercise routine.

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