Bundle Up

Mom was right about bringing your sweater! A normal body temperature is 98.6 °F but a drop by just a few degrees can be hazardous to your health. For example, a drop in body temperature to 95 °F can cause irregular heartbeat and even lead to hypothermia.

Some signs of low body temperature, known as hypothermia are:

- weak pulse

- confusion and sleepiness

- shivering or stiffness in the arms or legs

- slow slurred speech, or shallow breathing

As our body ages, the ability to maintain a regulated body temperature declines. Here are a few ways to keep warm:

  • Avoid cold places and weather if possible.

  • Wear multiple layers of loose fitting clothing when exposed to cold temperatures. Avoid tightly-fitted clothes which can restrict blood circulation.

  • Wear a hat (even indoors)

  • Use a blanket as an additional layer

  • Warm up with warm drinks – (ex. teas, hot chocolate, coffee)

  • Make sure to eat enough to keep your up your weight. Body fat helps you stay warm.

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